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Caring for patients who are at high risk of an overdose? Send them home with naloxone. Ensure they have this life-saving drug when they need it most.

One Colorado resident dies of an opioid overdose every 15 hours. Implementing screenings for high risk patients and distributing naloxone in your hospital or ED will help decrease deaths due to opioid overdose. Many patients might have misconceptions about naloxone. “Research shows that patients who receive a prescription for naloxone are more likely to enter a treatment program, report decreased drug use and demonstrate a greater willingness to undergo screening for HIV and hepatitis C”. – CHA

Take-home naloxone programs are vital for minimizing harm to patients who struggle with opioid addiction. Both those who are prescribed opioids in the ED and those who arrive due to an overdose can be sent home with naloxone. This could save a life and provide the opportunity for patients to seek treatment. Help reduce fatal opioid overdoses by starting a take-home naloxone program today.

The resources below provide guidelines regarding starting a THN program and educating patients on the importance of naloxone.

In Colorado, Colorado Crisis Services offers support and counseling for those with a substance use disorder. Call 844-493-8255 or text TALK to 38255 to connect with help!


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