Colorado Naloxone Project

Our Goal:

All Colorado hospitals and emergency departments distribute naloxone to at-risk patients, placing naloxone — a lifesaving medication — in patients’ hands prior to their departure from the hospital.


Colorado Naloxone Project

The Colorado Naloxone Project is a collaborative effort between multiple organizations. The project’s initial sponsorship and continued financial oversight will be provided by the Sandgaard Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports nationwide efforts to decrease the misuse of prescription pain medication, prevent addiction, and support victims and their families. Implementation, technical expertise, and leadership is provided by Stader Opioid Consultants LLC, a Colorado-based consulting firm with a long history of innovative initiatives and project management across the country. As the Colorado Naloxone Project continues to evolve, we hope that you and your organization will strongly consider a leading role in our efforts.

Our Core Values:


Colorado has been a leader in naloxone distribution through its early adoption of naloxone standing orders, Good Samaritan laws, and the use of naloxone by law enforcement. The Colorado Naloxone Project is committed to making Colorado the first state in the nation in which every hospital consistently identifies patients at risk of opioid overdose and sends them home with naloxone in hand.


Patients struggling with opioid use disorder (OUD) deserve understanding, compassion, and evidence-based medical treatment. Naloxone plays a key role in treating patients with OUD, and the distribution of the antidote to at-risk patients and families sends a powerful message that the lives of those struggling with substance abuse matter.

Evidence Based Practice

Naloxone saves lives; the safety and efficacy of the drug is definitive. How the medication can be most efficiently and effectively distributed is a question that public health officials are trying to answer. Our belief is that emergency departments, where patients with OUD are often seen, are key players in naloxone distribution. We can build a better system, where medical institutions take the lead.


The Colorado Naloxone Project will track and publicize which hospitals and emergency departments are distributing naloxone to at-risk patients. This will help drive change through visibility, publicity, and accountability. We will continue to encourage our community partners to distribute naloxone until every Colorado hospital is in compliance.